The Harder Free Solo (Alex H vs. Alex H)

Sorry, I can’t let Kevin get away with his post about Alex Honnold free soloing something large in Yosemite. No, I don’t think it was the first big wall free solo. It’s certainly impressive that Alex soloed that wall without rehearsing. That’s incredible. But my favorite free solos are still those of German Alex Huber. e.g. Hasse-Brandler (5.12a) on the Cima Grande. My friend Dave and I checked out that face in 2005, and it is pretty much unbelievable how anyone could solo up 1500 ft of overhanging, crumbly limestone.

Or how about soloing the Swiss Route (5.10c, 1200ft) on the Grand Capucin and then down-soloing the route… ? Come on, the Hubers rule !


2 Responses to “The Harder Free Solo (Alex H vs. Alex H)”

  1. Only a Euro would wear a helmet on a solo ascent 😉

  2. Euros have something to protect… better HAIR !!

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