Should they or should they not (Re: the $700 billion bailout) ??

What to do when the economic shit his the fan ? Well, you make the tax payer pay. Can you believe they’re now talking about coughing up $700,000,000,000.00 or more to essentially buy up every friggin’ mortgage in America and this creating the largest government on earth in the history of the earth ??? Talk about moral hazard.

What is the point of this ? Adding the cost of CEO incompetence and homeowner negligence and mortgage company megalomania to my tax bill ? What about letting everyone foreclose instead ! That would result in an immediate market correction with infinite growth potential. What bank or mortgage company is going to take your house when there is no market for houses. Why do we always have to have these blanket solutions. $700 billion and all your troubles will be gone. How about making that money available to people who can’t make their payments on a case-by-case basis. What about un-doing CEO bonuses, taking their personal wealth to pay for the damage done, and sending some CEOs to jail. This makes me furious.

Everyone bitches about the government meddling in their business through regulation and oversight, till they screw it all up and want the government to fix things. I am afraid to even wonder what the result of this monstrous proposition will be. Oil catapulted up, the dollar’s down, the stock market is reversing after an initial surge… I sure wonder what Obama and McCain are thinking. Whoever wins will get this whole mess dumped on his first term in office.


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