Time to Go Climbing

We’re going to Red Rocks again. Yes, yes, yes. I was hoping to make another trip happen this fall. It’s going to be the same 4 rock warrior who went this spring – Kevin D, Dan A, Paul T, and myself. I’m rewarding myself for months and weeks of studying for my geology exam although it will be weeks, possibly months, before I know whether the effort paid off and I passed.

Anyway, last time, I had been preparing for our trip. I had climbed at least some outside and had been hitting the gym hard. We’ll see how quickly I can get in shape this year. What I’m really looking forward to are 3.5 days climbing exciting moderate routes.

Here is a selection of possible objectives:

1) Lady Luck, 7 pitches 5.7

2) Hot Flash, 10 pitches 5.8

3) Armatron, 4 pitches 5.9

4) Group Therapy, 6 pitches 5.7

5) Ginger Cracks, 7 pitches 5.9

6) Black Dagger, 6 pitches 5.8

I’m shooting for 25 pitches and no less, and – if Kevin gives me a haul – maybe we can even pull off something a wee bit harder once we’re warmed up.


One Response to “Time to Go Climbing”

  1. Just 25 pitches? We did 25 in 2.5 days at Yosemite 😉

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