D-Day for the Democrats

This was definitely McCain’s Day. This, I agree with many opinioneers, was the day McCain lost the 2008 Presidential Election. This day proved:

– Republicans don’t give a shit about what happens to the economy. A $ trillion of equity went up in smoke today.

– The current White House has lost all support from the Rep’s in Congress. This might have been a last shred of George Bush legacy. Instead the era Bush will end with an economic catastrophe !

– McCain who went to DC for 24 hours last week to fix things and left “Mission Accomplished” is just as incompetent as Bush & Co. and doesn’t “get” the economy.

– Compared to the $$$ numbers making the news, even the cost of fighting in Iraq pales. ergo: there will be little talk about Iraq – the only thing McCain is happy to talk about – in the next few weeks.

– McCain has now proved he understands economics even less than Bush (is that possible ?) who warned about this sucker going down while McCain talked about strong fundamentals…


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