Interested Voters

So Kevin says he is not crazy about the either of the Presidential candidates this year. Crazy, huh ? Why would you want to be crazy about them ? Sure, there are those going crazy with Obamania and those “Drill Now” shouters who think “hockey-mom” is the best qualification for office since 1776. But why would you want to be crazy about the candidate ? Going crazy is what you do with dictators and revolutionaries. There is no reason why a President should be more likeable than the guy down the street, your neighbor’s cousin, or your kid’s English teacher ? 

Americans don’t get that. They want some happy-go-lucky pop figure that will cheer them up and hold their hand. They want someone like them to be in charge… talk about worst case scenario ! Why is America afraid of qualified, intelligent leaders ? What are they going to do to them ? They can’t cheat them worse than the dumb-ass leadership ! I want a President to:

– Be intelligent enough to make good decisions based on available information.

– Be reasonable enought not to expect miracles or overnight results.

– Be patient with others but persistent enough to push policy.

– Be confident enough to be able to listen to others.

– Be humble enough to seek advice from experts AND the devil’s advocate.

– To know the difference between public opinion and public good.

– To be afraid to make enemies but try to keep friends in the process.


One Response to “Interested Voters”

  1. I don’t think Americans necessarily want someone like theirself in office — but they want someone that seems in touch with American values and the problems everyday folks face. Almost by defiintion, career politicians don’t fit the bill. But there are folks out there that are smart, courageous, and in touch. The REAL problem is our two party system that doesn’t allow such a person to participate in the process.

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