Wasting Time on the Web

A couple of weeks ago, I got curious about facebook and signed up. By now, I have 29 friends and am starting to think it’s the biggest waste of time. Hahaha. Dont’ get me wrong. It’s kind of fun to see who’s doing what. But what’s the point ? And how can a website like facebook make someone a billionaire !?

It’s neat to be able to find friends you haven’t heard from in ages, see what they’re up to, and even take a peek into their “circle of friends”. Some of the little gimmicks they have to keep you entertained are quite a major waste of time. Imagine all the people at work using facebook, myspace, linked-in… all day long. Is this a major damper to efficiency in the workplace ? Somehow, I don’t think so.

Nobody can really be super efficient 8-10 hours non-stop. You need those little breaks, grabbing a cup of coffee or heading to the water fountain. And you need the little breaks to do something silly like checking in with facebook. In fact, I think most employers will probably benefit from people staying tech savy by keeping up with all these new websites. Doing so establishes a sort of base level technical know-how that you wouldn’t get using only WORD and EXCEL.


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