Traveling to Awesome Austin, Texas

I survived my trip to Austin, and I’m glad it’s over.

The idea was to get a room close to the testing center, figure out the drive for the next morning, crash early, and get a good night’s sleep…

So I got a room at the Super 8 – Wow ! Grabbed a burger at McDonald’s across I35 for dinner. Then settled into my super-horribly noisy room and watched the Vice Presidential debate, guzzling a couple of brews to make me sleepy. It was a night from hell. I barely slept. There is as much traffic on I35 at 2 AM as any given time of the day.

Surprisingly, I felt pretty good the next morning. – The test was a hammer. Way harder than in my wildest nightmares. No, seriously. I had studied hard and felt prepared. But after only a few questions, I realized this was going to be just a wee bit of a challenge. It will be weeks or months before I get the results. So there’s no telling how I did. But it was a sobering experience. Should I have failed, I’m not looking forward to taking the exams again.

The highlight of the trip however was getting back to Austin. I hadn’t been there in four years or so. I had forgotten how much I like the place. To me, Austin is the island of sanity in the insanity of the Lone Star State. Austin is the only place in Texas I know that sorta resembles the reality of the rest of the world. It’s a city that’s got it all. What I noticed this time was that:

– 50 percent of Austinians have at least 50% of their body tattooed.

– Austin traffic is way worse than anywhere in the metroplex. Away from the interstate, the city is such a maze of narrow, winding streets that simply can’t withstand the onslaught of SUVs. It’s ridiculous. Amazingly, Austin drivers are way nicer than anyone in North Texas.

– Austin doesn’t have a single bad radio station. Whatever you turn your dial to, the air rocks with good music.

– Austin has gotten huge since I first visited in 1991. But despite of that, the city still feels like a giant campus. It feels more diverse, more cosmopolitican, and culturally superior to the entire DFW mess.

– Believe it or not, even Austin tap water beats the drops from my home faucet !

Time to send my resume to Austin, I guess.


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