Going Climbing

This afternoon, I will be headed back to Red Rocks for 3.5 days of rock climbing !!! Yes, yes, yes !  I’ve been looking forward to this for some time. After all, I missed out on a week of vacation in Colorado this summer, and haven’t had much opportunity to climb outdoors since our last Nevada trip in April.

The amazing thing about Red Rocks is the abundance of climbable rock and established, moderate routes. I am looking at climbing a ton in the 5.8 range. There seems to be enough recommended moderate, long routes to last you a month. So picking and choosing will the challenge. Last time, we made all kinds of announcements what we might climb. Turns out we ended up climbing all different stuff. This time around, here is my tentative (guessing) itinerary:

Day 1: Angel Food Wall (Purblind Pillar & Group Therapy)

Day 2: First Creek Slabs (Hot Flash & Black Magic)

Day 3: Black Velvet Canyon (Frogland & Triassic Sands)

Day 4: Brass Wall (Birdland)

Next week, I’ll let you know how wrong I was.


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