Red Rocks Trip Report

The trip to Red Rocks was a total success. Dan A and I took it pretty easy most of the time. As Kevin outlines so eloquently, we were more interested in climbing something long and adventurous than something short and hard. Kevin and Paul were off doing their own thing.

Day 1: A desperately needed warm-up climb on Angel Food Wall – Group Therapy, 5.7, 7 pitches, although we dumped the last 5.4 pitch in favor of a steep 5.8 finish. Decent climb all in all but seriously run-out on the wide sections. I had looked at the route description several times but nowhere did it mention any offwidth. Then, at the base of the climb, I noticed the notes on the topo 6″+ and 12″+. Well, at 5.6-5.7 , we had no choice but to run it out, and we did.

Day 2: A day of recon on easy terrain. We climbed Lady Luck, 7 pitches of 5.7, on First Creek Slabs, mostly to scope out the descent from the ledge to climb our real objective the next day. Fun, exposed climbing with great holds but minimal pro in a quiet canyon with stellar views. Not athletically challenging but a fantastic outing.

Day 3: Climbed just to the right of the day before. Hot Flash, 10 pitches of 5.8. I’d seen a photo of the route showing a stellar crack. Somehow, though, we missed that pitch and instead climbed a portion of Comeback Corner, 5.9. which was great, too. before re-joining the actual route higher up. All in all, an awesome day on the rock with adventurous approach and descent.

Day 4: We were way to lazy to even climb something easy, and hiked, and sat, and loafed instead.

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