Post Climbing Trip Depression

Ok, I admit it, I’m in a deep depression. Call it post-redrox depression. Or maybe climbing withdrawal. It’s funny because I have climbed very little this year. But every time you go climbing for more than a day, you quickly find yourself getting back in the groove – climbing better and more confident than you thought possible after such a long hiatus. But soon it’s time to go home again, and all your new ability goes up in smoke. It’s sad.

I don’t know how often we have said that we’d be such awesome climbers if only we could climb every other weekend. It’s true. Maybe climbing is somewhat addictive in that you enjoy collecting pitches.  Maybe you just sucked in deeper the more you climb because you’re getting better. I wouldn’t say that climbing is a huge part of my life but it’s a fantastic mind-cleansing outlet that I wouldn’t want to miss. I wonder more and more often how to put a value – dollar or not – on being closer to some rocks. Would it be worth moving to a place with rocks ?


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