Back to GIS…

After several months of distraction, I’m back to my GIS project. I barely remembered where I left off. Anyway, I am finding that the easiest way to get my geographic data (borehole locations) entered is through Google Earth – at least when you’re not concerned with high accuracy. So I end up with a large number of little yellow pins all over North Texas. Next, I save these as a KML file (KMZ is the zipped version). Now, how to get this markup file data into something that I can plot in ArcGIS ??? I have found several extensions that might or might not help with this. The only one I’ve had a chance to try so far is Arc2Earth, which essentially turns your point data into a geodatabase that you can open and plot in ArcGIS. Looks like I will have to shell out the $200 for this piece of software to make my life easier. In a perfect world, I would be far enough along with my Python to write something myself. But, like I said, I spent months studying for the ASBOG and Python has gone back from my head to the books on the shelf.

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