Home Brew Again

palealeOkay, I’ve done it again. After venturing into home brewing last year, I’ve had a second batch on my to-do list all year. But I only got around to it on the last day of my Thanksgiving vacation. Boy, has this year gone by fast. On Sunday, I brewed up a 5-gallon batch of Pale Ale.

The first beer I ever brewed was a Hefeweizen. I had wanted to start with something easy but my wife, at the time, talked me into brewing something I really liked. Well, the beer turned out surprisingly good. We didn’t end up with quite the 50-odd bottles we set out to make because we spilled too much during bottling (yeah, we were messy). But the result was impressive. We did a 2-stage brew, lagering the stuff for 2-3 weeks or so before bottling. I can’t remember why or how. When I got started on Sunday, I had pretty much forgotten everything I had ever read about brewing.

This time around, I wanted to keep things simple.  I used a Coopers Pale Ale malt/hops mix that comes in the can. The directions under the lid called for adding 500g of extra malt. So I used whatever I bought at the time I bought the can (a year ago ??). And 250g of corn sugar (dextrose) – again I used what I had. So, the truth is, this brew might be interesting because I really wasn’t sure what I was doing. But the carboy is bubbling over in frantic fermentation. So I must have done something right. I understand that this time, it’s a one-step deal. I can bottle this beer when the fermentation is done.

Hopefully this will give me something to enjoy during sleepless nights taking care of a new infant. In fact, if this brew turns out ok, I might get more ambitious. Heck, I might open up a brewery and sell Arne’s Ale !


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