Deep Ecology

I’ve been reading about environmental ethics, and found these 8 principles of Deep Ecology. It’s hard to grasp for me, how anyone could NOT – at least in theory – subscribe to this

1. All living beings have intrinsic value.

2. The richness and diversity of life has intrinsic value.

3. Except to satisfy vital needs, humankind does not have the right to reduce this diversity and this richness.

4. It would be better for human beings if there were fewer of them, and much better for other living creatures.

5. Today the extent and nature of human interference in the various ecosystems is not sustainable, and the lack of sustainability is rising.

6. Decisive improvement requires considerable change: social, economic, technological, and ideological.

7. An ideological change would essentially entail seeking a better quality of life rather than a raised standard of living.

8. Those who accept the aforementioned points are responsible for trying to contribute directly or indirectly to the realization of the necessary changes.



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