The Power of Pharma

pillsRoaming the aisles of Walgreens the other day, I found myself marveling at the cornucopia of cold remedies, or at least products promising to be remedies. It’s frankly frightening what is sold to people who suffer from the common cold. Personally, I find that there is nothing that really works. The only thing that really gets rids of the common cold is time, sometimes 5 days, sometimes 10. You never know.

I very much restrict myself when it comes to taking non-prescription drugs. I am not religious about it. I simply believe that most over-the-counter things probably are over-the-counter because they work as well as peppermint tea. The few that work (i.e. make you feel better – like certain nasal sprays)  typically warn you to stop using them once you’ve started feeling better because – truth be told – they’re not good for you.

The only thing I take without too much rumination is Aspirin. I don’t take a lot of it but if I have a wrenching headache or a fever, I take aspirin. But have you looked the shelves full of Aspirin and similar products? Yeah, other stuff ist supposed to be better for your stomach, and you’re not supposed to give aspirin to kids. But hey, none of the other stuff works as well, and ALL the other stuff has side effects that are probably worse. So, I’m sticking with the occasional Aspirin.

A bottle of 100 Aspirin probably lasts two years a my house (I’m guessing). But at Walgreens, they have the bottles with 1000 aspirins on sale. 1000 PILS ! A bargain ? Well, it does beg the question whether you’d be able to eat that many aspirins at the maximum daily dose before the expiration date on the bottle. What is wrong with someone buying 1000 aspirins ? They must have more significant problems in their life than a headache. And what kind of company markets bottles with that many pills to people without a LARGE WARNING LABEL that people should evaluate their life style if they’re buying super size jars with pills…

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