The Choice of a Name

One of the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life was name a child. I’m not kidding. Hard not only because no name seemed perfect enough at first but because the whole ordeal seemed like such a momentous, irrevocable decision. The first time around, we didn’t really know for sure till the last minute what our names for boy or girl were going to be and sort of blurted it out upon arrival when were asked. And that was that.  – This time around, it’s different. No 1 was a boy, so we still have a girl’s name left to use for No 2. But coming up with a new boy’s name has been tough. I find though that the more often you refer to the baby with his/her future name, the more the name grows on you. I figure 6 months from now calling him/her by that name will seem totally normal. And yet, I will be nervous announcing to the world what name we picked. 😉

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