Back in Full Force

Ok, my blogging hiatus must come to an end. I’ve had a great 13 days since my last post.

charlyMy wife and I had our second child – a little girl Charlotte – on Dec 17, and we feel blessed not only that she is whole, healthy, and pretty, but especially that she seems to be more of a sleeper than her big brother. So far, things have been much more smoothly than the first time around.

I got to spend Christmas with new family of 4, my own parents, my brother, my wife’s parents, and we had a really good time. We had a beautiful trees, ate truck loads of candy, and had the baby with us all the time. The gift giving to grand kids was a little on the heavy side. I wish there was a way to limit this without stepping on people’s toes. But all in all, we were very reasonable. My favorite gift may have been the joghurt maker which I used last night for the first time to make a batch of organic joghurt!

Finally, I’ve finally received my license as Professional Geologist in Texas, which I hope will make my job unimaginably more interesting and exciting and boost me into a higher income tax bracket 😉 (Negotiations will ensue.) I’m still thinking about maybe going back to school to get some kind of save-planet-Earth degree but I haven’t figured out what exactly that may be. For now, I’m excited about possible opportunities in the new year.

2 Responses to “Back in Full Force”

  1. Cute baby and a really pretty name. But what is joghurt?

  2. Just another Euroism.

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