Internet Troubles…

When you’re online 24 hours a day (or your 8-hr work day), it’s easy to forget that such onlined-ness is not to be taken for granted by everybody. Last week, inexplicably, our internet was down twice here at the office – each time it stayed off all afternoon. To call such a breakdown dramatic is an understatement. It was total panic ! And that eventhough, at least in theory, our business does not rely on the internet. Nevertheless, I use it all the time, all day long – to communicate, to share information, to look up stuff, to goof off. Finally, some ATT tech found a real hardware problem along the physical line going down the street. Imagine that ! Now, things are running again.

Then, there are those folks – like my in-laws – who live in a part of America we dearly refer to as “the country”. Grandma and grandpa have been having a helluva time getting reliable internet on Farm-to-Market road XYZ, and I don’t know how many providers they’ve tried. Service, reliability, and bandwidth is just awful for them. – Again, it’s tempting to assume that everyone has access to and uses the internet all day long because you do. Reality is another thing. And who knows how many people in America don’t have any kind of functioning computer. There may be millions to whom the web is something only other people use. Of course, that’s a minor evil when compared to starvation or state of war. I had to remind myself the other day (watching the news about Israel) that I am damn lucky to live in a place where I don’t have to worry about rockets raining down on me or shrapnel whizzing by my house. But, hey, that’s another story…

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