“The Office”

office_stickI don’t watch much television (although my watching has seen a slight increase since baby #2 a month ago). As evidence of this, I cite the fact that I had never seen an episode of ‘Seinfeld’ till showing up for the “Last Seinfeld Episode” party at my brother-in-law’s house. If that episode didn’t impress me much (I probaby wasn’t the only one), then I soon became a dedicated fan. It’s still my favorite show of all time (again I’m probably not alone).

But I have a new runner-up. I recently saw the first season of “The Office” and now the next several seasons are choking up my netflix queue. Years ago I saw some of the British episodes. Those were awesome. When I heard of a US version, I was little interested. So I waited till last month to give it a shot. Have I mentioned I don’t watch much television? Anyway, I love The Office. The characters are all fantastic and if not straightout believable, then at least realistic in an arche-type way. Very much like Seinfeld. You don’t know people like George Costanza or Michael Scott. But everything either one of them does, you’ve seen someone do…. well, almost everything. These guys are like collages of crazy and pitiful traits in the people around us… Okay, I’m getting way too serious here. The Office is awesome, and I will take my time catching up with the current episodes.


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