Organic Staples in Recession

Over the past 2 years or so, I’ve been watching how organic food has become established at the local grocery store. Organic produce is everywhere. Product lines for processed food have been expanding. I’ve even bought organic beer at the grocery store, and it is good.

Recently, however, I noticed that grocery stores were offering a lot of specials on organic products. Over all, a welcome opportunity to buy even more such products than usual, I thought.  But I began wondering whether in tough times,  when budgets are tight, the choice between “organic or not” is one of the first that shoppers ask themselves. Were the organic products no longer flying off the shelves ? Now, I’m beginning to fear that the inroads that organic has made at mainstream stores (e.g. Super Targets) may be reversed as all those pricey product lines get axed. It seems that some of my favorite things have already disappeared off the shelves… We’re in recession, and everyone is crying for change. But could it be that instead of changing our ways, we’ll go back to selling cheap crap ? Oh, no !


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