“Working with 2×4’s”

2x4I’ve been doing some remodeling again lately and made a number of trips to Home Depot to load up on 2×4’s. I’m always amazed how cheap those are. You can buy an 8′ 2×4 for something like $1.75. Well, yeah, you say – it’s wood, duh ! Grows on trees for free, right ? Well, it does make me wonder how many 2x4s you can cut from an average tree.

I like working with 2x4s. It almost makes you feel like you can do anything with them. They’re strong but light, easy to cut and bend when things get crooked. I can visualize an entire civilization after the downfall of ours, that rises with the return of the 2×4’s. — I just googled “working with 2×4’s” and found this page. Now, that’s what I’m talking about. Every time I saw and assemble them, I start wondering what awesome furniture one could build out of 2×4’s. This guy’s done it.


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