Since I made a donation to the Obama campaign last year, I’m still getting those emails all the time – a few too many if you ask me. I don’t have time to read any of them. Then, 2 days ago, I got a call from the Democratic National Congress asking for money. Ok, guys, I said, I sent you some dough because I wanted you to win the election. Now, that you’re in office, you have to prove you were worth it. Oh, the guy didn’t like that. In fact, he was pretty ticked off and tried to explain that DNC had nothing to do with who’s in the White House. Good one, I thought. Hey. I’m really glad “W” is out and Obama is in. But now, show us you can do a better job before you ask for more.

There is something strange about this movement now that he’s in the White House. I mean there is the President who’s supposed to be everyone’s President but he’s got this movement of people he connects to via email. It’s his movement as compared to his administration and government. It does make your wonder whether he is (going to be) THEIR President than the rest’s.

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