Falling Down a la Michael Douglas

Is it me or have there been unusually numerous mass shootings lately? Must be the economy. I can understand how you can be very depressed,  hopeless, discouraged, scared. I can also understand if you’re mad at Wall Street or Washington but your next door neighbor and your fellow man ?

How come nobody has started at rampage at the post office, I wondered today as I stood in line for 30 minutes with one employee manning the four counters while the other left to head to a dentist appointment… What the hell is going on ? – I asked. The post office “manager” explained that everyone else was having lunch, and that it was very difficult to predict at what time people come to the post office and need service… Screw you, idiot ! 30 minutes to mail a box for $4.03 postage. I’m taking my business to UPS next time.

Please, Mr. President, end the war on terrorism, start the war on the postal service !

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