The Auto Industry Monster

car-artNot having grown up in the US, my relationship with American cars lacks any sense of nostalgia or brand loyalty. I think 99% of GM and Chrysler cars are ugly, and I would never drive any of them for that reason alone. Ford has a few models that get a passing grade. To me, that says a great deal about the BIG 3. If you can’t even make a good looking car (in which you might be able to hide a piece of crap engine), how are you going to make it as a brand ?

I relish the fact that the company that decided to turn the Hummer into a car for the public is in trouble. Frankly, that alone was stupid enough to warrant the demise of GM. But I’m an amateur. For more astute, big picture analysis, don’t miss this piece by David Brooks. I don’t typically agree with him. But here, he’s too funny.


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