What is this market doing ?

So, I imagine, I’m not alone in my curiousity about what the stock market is doing ? Did we hit bottom at 6500 a month ago ? Today, it appears we’re heade down again. Well, I had decide what to do with the IRA by April 15. So I went ahead and put my money in. But I put it in a very conservative place. Something tells me that we’re going down one more time. I’ll see what to do with my money AFTER that.

It’s been fairly in the news the last few days. Could be the silence after the massacre or the calm before the storm. I really feel like we haven’t seen the worst of it yet. I prefer believing some of the economist (e.g. Krugman) who are prepared to admit this could be way worse than we’ve thought. Another interesting analysis of the US economy as banana republic economics was this one here in the Atlantic Monthly. Of course, nobody knows what will happen. But it always seems that people are inclined to give into wishful thinking, and that ALWAYS gets us in trouble.

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