People on the Street are kidding themselves to death…

I’ve never been as interested in and this flabbergasted by the business news as these days. It’s like the shit we’re in is so deep everyone starts … I don’t know how many times I’ve heard and read the expression “grabbing straws onto of hope” (or similar versions) recently.

I was out all morning on a job. Now, I’m back at the office, and the first thing I do is check the DOW. And it’s up again !? What’s up with that ? Thanks to Wells Fargo which apparently has morphed into an island of chrome-polished ultra hope over night, we’re starting the new bull market. Credit Crisis ? Financial Mess ? Never heard of it. Not at Wells Fargo. They’re making money… I found great relief in the comments by other NY Times readers who found this news as fishy and mind-boggling as I, and I share the sentiment that right now, everyone is so desperate for a glimmer of hope, light at the end of the tunnel, that they run the risk of cutting corners and fudging numbers, essentially putting so much make-up on the grisly state of affairs that things start looking kinda rosy all the sudden, and we’ll all fall victim to the same kind of folly that has brought us here.

Can’t we just be honest for once ? What’s going on reminds me of someone buying some cheapo pink colored liquid in a plastic bottle from Wallgreens at the corner to make the nasty symptons in his guts go away, when really what he ought to do is once and for all decide on a change in lifestyle !


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