Late Night Universe

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve tuned into late night TV more often than usual. And I’ve noticed something. Now that Jay Leno has got one foot out the door, changes to the line-up are underway. So before things change, I need to get my ranking of late night hosts of my chest. In order to demonstrate how God-Awful-Bad some of them are, I’m going with a logarithmic scale…

#1 Craig Ferguson – by far the best which makes me wonder why he is even on US television or not at least on cable.

#10 David Letterman – he don’t give a damn, earned Kudos through his John McCain interview last fall

# 15 Conan O’Brian – whacky, whacky, whacky… but he’ll be a good replacement for Leno

# 18 Jay Leno – reliable but I’ve always found him to be too stuck on sex and toilet humor, kinda boring

#10000 Jimmy Fallon – Not an actor. Not a TV host. Just a God-Awful goofball !

# 10000000 Jimmy Kimmel – Where the f _ _ k did this guy come from ??? THE WORST !!!

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