United States of Bananas

banana1This whole Goldman Sachs thing is unbelievable. If I understand correctly…

First we have our ex-frontman, then acting as the GOVERNMENT, take care of all our competitors.

Then, we get bailout money – some directly, some through A.I.G..

Then, we eliminate our headaches by ways of an orphan month.

Then – MIRACULOUSLY – we report a profit and sell stock to pay back the bailout money.

I think the problem in this country is that people move back and forth between government and industry too much. You take a sabbatical working for Uncle Sam to pull some string, deregulate, meet the right people, then you return to industry to take advantage of your own rule bending and mending and make some serious money.

If you want the market to rule, let’s create some competition between government and industry. Let’s pay them the same. And let’s pay them to try to outsmart each other. We’ll see who wins. – Let’s say if you’ve ever been in in government, you’re welcome to quit your job there for some industry position and lose all benefits and retirement. But if you’ve ever held any position of any significance in industry, you will not be allowed to hold public office for 25 years ! That should take care of some of our problems.


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