Our New Car

BTW, we bought a new car 2 weeks ago. Almost forgot to mention it, since it wasn’t for me. My wife was getting tired of her handme-down Mercury Sable (a great example of ugly American design and the idiocy of having two more or less identical cars as different models, Mercury Sable – Ford Taurus – WHY ???). The Mercury still had some zip in it, but it was utterly impractical for hauling around 2 kids in car seats and maybe another passenger or more.

These were my wife’s selection criteria for the new car ( and in fact, I had nothing to do with either selecting the model, finding the car, getting the car, or buying (financing) the car. She did it all !

1) Three Rows of Seating but NOT a VAN !!! It’s nice to be able to haul your kids and other kids (or grand parents) when they visit.

2) Better than Average Fuel Economy – A No-Brainer.

3) Affordability. Buying a new car is a BAD “investment”. Buying an expensive new car is the WORST way to spend your money . The minute you drive off the lot, your portfolio nosedives. It makes no sense at all.

4) Reliability and Safety – in a way those come first anyway. You rule out some cars (many American made) because of reliability and you’d never skimp on safety.


So what’s the new car ? A KIA Rondo. It’s small and light but spacious. It’s got seating for 7. It’s got good gas mileage. Totally improved safety over old KIAs (my only concern when I heard “kia”). And it was cheap.

I got very frustrated looking at and test-driving new cars and dealing with completely moronic sales people. If you’re selling cars and you don’t know every damn detail about every damn car on your lot, you’re a loser and don’t deserve my business. I have never seen this much amateurism in a sales man. The guy at Sears selling vaccum cleaners and the annoying guy at the mall selling cell phone plans both know way more about their product than the idiots we talked to about cars. Veru sad but maybe more evidence of an industry in decay !

Anyway, we ended up buying a 2008 model with 11K miles at a 40% discount over the 2009 model, and we’re very happy with it. Sure, it ain’t no fancy rides – no leather seats (That’s all the sales people were interested in – selling me leather seats when we kept saying we have 2 kids who eat and drink and spit and slobber!), no surround sound, no 400 HP, no fancy this, no gimmick that. This car was built to take you from A to B, quite comfortably so, and comes with a great warranty. I just don’t see why anyone would need anything else, or agree to $500-600 car payments a month. I just don’t.

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