Bits of Non-Trivial Trivia

1) Something I heard on the radio ( – THINK) earlier today: A man will outrun a horse over 25 miles because the horse will die of heat exhaustion. This claim was made by Christopher McDougall who has some interesting thoughts on the running habits of early Man…

2) Everyone I told about the snakes in our yard the other day (see recent post), asked me : Were they poisonous ? Of course, that’s the main concern. But being no snake expert, I saw my task in identifying the species of snake. Instead if would have been sufficient to rule out that the snake was any of merely four (4) types of poisonous snakes in North America (I had no idea there were only 4!): Rattlesnake, Cottonmouth Moccasin, Copperhead and Coral Snake. – No, no, no, no – ergo: harmless !

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