Tree Hackers Go Home !

stumpIf there is something that makes me mad, it’s people who cut down trees on their city property. My neighborhood is no different. It seems people do so mostly for 3 reasons:

1) They don’t like leaves under the influence of gravity.

2) They are worried about their lawns suffering from too much shade.

3) Their trees are not as beautiful as plastic Xmas trees.

All I can say is: get a life. If you can’t deal with trees and leaves, get an apartment. There should be a penalty for cutting down a tree that is not in imminent danger of falling on someone’s house. “Hey, it’s my property !” you say. Well, we don’t let you dump oil and radioactive waste on your property either, nor are you allowed to start a gravel pit there, we even tell you when you’re allowed to water your yard when you’re the one paying for the water ! So make a law protecting trees from chain-saw frenzied city dwellers. Trees were there before they built the homes ( at least in my 1950s neighboorhood – dont’ get me started on pre-construction tree razing in modern suburbia !!!!)

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